Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park
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  Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park is not rich if the facilities department. There is an adequate playground and a couple of shelters with restrooms, but by far, its biggest asset is its proximity to the Ohio River .  The Park has a boat ramp and a long shoreline with a couple of stands of mature trees that make it a great place for a summer picnic.

Bring some chairs and sit on the small bluff overlooking the River and watch the goings on.  Summertime provides no shortage of minor spectacles on the river as a wide array of crafts navigate or race up and down the river.  Down at the shoreline, a concrete sidewalk provides a nice walking area to the boat ramp. Other parts of the shoreline remain unfinished and many people choose to fish there.


  The Park is very family friendly, the playground will accommodate most children over toddler age and the shoreline is a great place for older kids to explore.  Adult family members can relax in the shade of large trees overlooking the river.  Grills are available for outdoor cooking and there’s no shortage of space unless you’re visiting during Thunder Over Louisville. 

Over all, this is a great park for summertime fun and it’s not as crowded as the neighboring Water Front Park complex.  The lack of facilities and extravagant equipment means that you may have to bring some of your own fun, but there’s plenty of open space and River access to have a good time.


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