Waterfront Park Silver Lot
Louisville parks - Downtown and River Road


Free Water Park
Great Play Structures
Something for all ages
Cushioned play surfaces
Adult Swings with River View


Surface gets hot
Summer Crowds
No Fence blocking Little ones from the Ohio river


Water Park
Play Grounds


  The Water Front ParkWaterfront facilities near the Silver Parking Lot are a kids Dream.  The area is home to one of the largest (if not the largest) play structures in Louisville Louisville Kentucky River Road and also includes a free water park, a steamboat play structure, and numerous other structures for kids to explore. For adults, there are some swings overlooking the Ohio River that provide some respite from the play areas.  In general however, this is a Kids zone and should be avoided by those looking for peace and quiet.


  There are play structures for all ages here, so diverse family groups won’t have any problem occupying their children.  The surface of the play area is cushioned and tends to get hot in the summer.  The water park provides relief from the summer heat, so the kids can play hard on the play structures then cool off in the water.  Nearby, the bathroom facilities provide a good place to change cloths for the Water park activities.

  The area will soon include The Big Four Bridge Walkway, which is currently under construction.  While this new feature may not be as kid friendly, it will be a wonderful addition to the water front park and is sure to be a major attraction



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