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  ThurmanHutchinsParksits across the road from the Ohio River and Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park Park Louisville Kentucky .  While it lacks the river vista of its sister park, it has its own beauty in its well maintained lawns, walking trails and wetlands.  First and foremost, this is a walker’s park.   Even in colder weather, you will see quite a few walkers navigating the parks walking trails.  And with good reason, the trails are in good condition and the park has a scenic mix of open fields, Wetlands tree cover and a nice lake. 

  The parks proximity to the river tends to create breezy conditions that bring welcome relief in the sweltering summer months.  Of course, the same breeze can make a morning walk less bearable in the winter so dress accordingly in cooler temperatures.  The main walking loop runs parallel to River road and around a mid sized lake.


  For the more adventurous, there are other trails that meander through the wetlands.  There is an abundance of raised wooden walkways that keep your feet out of the usually wet ground in the wooded areas.  A curious “Dead Zone” of trees can be found in the wetlands as well.  A large grove of trees was drowned out by flood waters or other natural phenomena and the stand of dead wood has a mildly unsettling feel.  Its hard to get too unnerved however as the grove is filled with song birds and sunlight during the daylight hours. 

  If you have small children, the park has a slightly above average playground and plenty of running room.  On sweltering summer days, this park is a good choice because the playground equipment is mostly shaded by a grove of trees and the river breezes will help keep the air moving.


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